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After incessant requests, a prospect agrees to hear your sales pitch, and now you definitely can’t afford to lose them. So, how to grab your prospect’s attention throughout the call and increase your chances of success?

Follow these five golden rules of a perfect sales call, to increase your odds of winning and directing sales pitch in your favour:

1. Research

Improve your pitch quality by thoroughly researching how your services can benefit them and which factors will influence their decision-making process. All this information can only be understood when you decide to increase your knowledge of customer’s business.

You can start your research by visiting company’s website and understand their products/services. Keep yourself updated on the company’s recent developments by visiting their social media channels and most importantly analyse their growth trajectory of recent years.

2. Be Specific

Sales call offers you a limited time, so don’t get engaged in other less relevant talks. Respect your customer’s time, utilise it to the fullest and be on-point throughout your conversation.

Give your customer’s more chance to speak, listen to their queries and remain as specific as possible in solving their problems. You will see a drastic boost in your call productivity and quality.

3. Right Attitude

Build rapport with the caller in the 1st minute of your call. Maintain a gentle voice tone throughout your conversation.

Present the solutions instead of features, understand what your prospect is looking for and make them feel comfortable to ask doubts. In case of any contradiction of opinions, gently acknowledge their point and avoid being defensive. This builds a positive impression of your organization and portrays a constructive image of you as a sales agent.

4. Summarise

Misunderstanding is the biggest killer of any conversation, don’t let it affect your sales pitch. When you are about to wrap the sales call, give your customer a gist of the discussion. Summarise the important points to remain clear of each other’s expectations.

Closing your conversation with clarity, makes your sales pitch a success signifying a quality and healthy conversation.

5. Follow-up

Have you followed the above 4 points?

But you are only 20% nearer to your goal, the remaining 80% lies in your persistence to take constant follow-ups. Go gentle on your prospects, give them time to think over a decision and take regular follow-ups to understand what is keeping them away from availing your service.

Don’t put your case to rest till the time you get a definite answer in terms of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Don’t sound too greedy by following up every day or don’t sound disinterested by taking the follow-up once in 2 weeks. Maintain a balance of both the approaches to win yourself a customer.

It is easy to fantasize about the perfect sales call, however, practically delivering a flawless experience is something just an awesome sales representative can do. When it comes to sales calls, it’s easy to get it wrong but reassuringly, it’s also very easy to get it right, as long as you follow  the above-mentioned golden rules.

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