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What is Customer Churn and Why Does it Need More Attention?

Can you name a single company that hasn’t ever lost a customer till date? Probably not, right? The truth is, no business owner likes to think about losing customers. But, in order to handle the rate of customer churn (a.k.a. the rate at which you lose customers over a given period of time), you need

Telephone Customer Service 2.0—New and Improved

The technology that was once considered a luxury is now part of our daily lives. So naturally, humans have become reliant on innovations that make life easier. Considering how much modern customers value technology, businesses today are strongly driven towards digitalisation. The telephonic customer service industry tops the list of technologies that tend to evolve

A dashboard should be wise and that’s what you get with Fortius. You can easily monitor live agents and check the campaign status and ongoing activities across various departments.

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