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The business landscape is growing more competitive with every passing day, making survival and growth a challenge. Unless you think beyond the ordinary, you cannot expect the customers to choose you over the other businesses offering similar products and services. Essentially, your sales greatly depend on the way you approach the potential customers because the offerings of businesses in the same domain are generally the same. Increasing your marketing investment, therefore, seems to be a sensible idea but it is not always about higher investment when you want to achieve results. Rather, smarter optimisation of efforts can bring better results with minimal spend. In this context, optimising your business calls is a great way to get extensive sales boost for your business and missed call service turns out to be the smartest investment you can make. Let us see how you can leverage this service to unlock new sales opportunities for your business.

How do missed call solutions work?

A missed call solution, as the name suggests, enables the company to reply to the missed calls of the customers in a quick and efficient manner. By implementing it, you can rest assured that none of the calls go unanswered and you are able to reach back to the customers who may have tried connecting with you but couldn’t do it. With the activation of missed call alerts on your account, you get real-time notifications of these calls and your representatives can reconnect with these callers later. There are a number of ways different industries use missed call service, before understanding how this service can benefit your business let us first understand how missed call service works:

  • You get a missed call alert, which contains vital information such as the caller’s number, date and time of the call
  • The callers, on the other hand, get an auto confirmation SMS to thank them for the call and inform him that their numbers have been registered
  • The caller’s number is stored in the business database and can be accessed subsequently for call back and marketing initiatives
  • A missed call solution is capable of managing an unlimited number if calls and ensures that your business never miss a call again

How does missed call service boost sales?

Now that you understand the features that a missed call solution typically has, you would definitely be more interested in the service. More significantly, you would want to know how you can leverage it to get a sales boost because that is what really matters. Here are some ways missed call service can propel your sales.

Ensures consistent availability

Consistent availability is the key to being in good books of your customers and getting them back to buy repeatedly from you. Missed calls translate into non-availability, which in turn makes them missed sales opportunities. However, ensuring that you are available to answer every single call is practically impossible. Implementing a missed call solution is a smart way to handle this concern as it lets you be always there for your callers. The system captures the details of every single call you miss and your agents can get back to them.

Enhances customer service

With this solution in place, you get the opportunity to enhance the level of customer service as well. As soon as the caller places a missed call, they get an automated message or IVR call with the detailed information that they are looking for. Moreover, your agents can get back and resolve their issues sooner rather than later. Better customer services get you their trust and they are likely to exhibit loyalty towards your business. This can surely give your sales a considerable boost.

Generates qualified leads

Another reason why missed call service is a worthy investment from the sales perspective is that it has the potential to generate quality leads for your business. Missed callers are the people who are genuinely interested in your offering and by reconnecting with them, you can tap into an opportunity that has good chances to convert. The process of communication is seamless and hassle-free, which increases the probability of sales to a considerable extent. Further, missed call solutions enhance the lead management process and keep the agents updated about the customers who can be re-targeted in the future.

Delivers personalized experiences

Personalization of customer experiences is the key to increasing your sales in the competitive landscape. Missed call solutions can prove worthwhile in this context as well. They offer real-time caller information that you can store in a database. With this information available right in front of them, your agents will be able to know the potential customers better and provide them personalized experiences. While this increases the chances of conversions, the agent productivity is enhanced as well.

No one is put on hold

In the era of instant gratification, no customer would want to be put on hold. A majority of them hang up after having to wait on hold for even a minute. To make things worse, they get a bad impression and may never try to reconnect. With the missed call campaign, you can resolve the issue of call hold for good. Your caller places a missed call to get a notification that your sales representative will call them back, which they do. If there is a queue ahead of the caller, you can even share an automated SMS informing when they would tentatively receive a call.

Minimizes the hold duration

Apart from ensuring that no one is put on hold, missed call service coupled with IVR minimizes the hold duration for the callers. Manual transfer of calls from one agent or department to another can stretch the hold times, which is definitely a cause of frustration. Obviously, this can bring down sales and business reputation as well. Setting up an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system resolves the issue by automatically routing the calls to the right destination. It minimizes the on-hold duration and facilitates faster on-call resolution.

Enables monitoring of customer interactions

When you want to increase your sales, you need to ensure excellence in customer interactions. However, there is always a chance that your agents may mistreat the callers, whether it is by being rude or giving inaccurate resolutions. This can lead to poor brand impression and even make you lose the potential customer for good. Not only this, it can even fetch negative word-of-mouth referrals for your business. With missed call solutions, you can avail the call recording feature that lets you monitor the agent-customer conversations and use them to improve their quality through repetitive training and awareness.

And that’s not all!

While the focus of the discussion is entirely on the impact of missed call service on sales, there is much more it can do for your business. These solutions are capable of bringing extensive boost in the productivity and efficiency of your sales and customer support teams. And the best thing is that you can do it all at a fraction of the cost of other marketing measures. There is no daily usage limit for missed call alert service so you need not worry about operating it 24 by 7. Additionally, the solution can be easily integrated with your CRM platform, which makes it even more result-driven.


With the benefits it offers, missed call service undoubtedly emerges as one of the best means to boost your sales significantly. You can always bring in more leads and churn out more sales with heavy marketing expenditure. But wouldn’t it be wiser to optimise the existing leads and calls first? Most obviously this approach makes sense as you should try not to lose on any potential customer already coming from the existing marketing investment, rather than focusing on just investing more to get more leads. Collaborating with a reliable missed call service provider like Servetel is the best way to get started. Go ahead and capitalize on this wonderful sales opportunity right now!

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