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We all wear masks to venture anywhere outside these days. Why? To protect ourselves, of course. So, why not extend the same courtesy to our business data?

Just as N95 masks offer the best protection against the spread of coronavirus, number masking technology in cloud communication is the superhero for sensitive business data. 

So What is Number Masking?

It simply refers to a system that conceals the actual contact numbers of the business and the consumer alike. A temporary number, instead, is visible to both parties. This allows privacy in conversation and safeguards personal information. All in all, you can show customers how much you care about their data by taking proactive measures to protect it. 

People often get confused between virtual numbers and number masking. These are not, in fact, interchangeable services. Virtual or toll-free numbers are digits permanently reserved for an organisation, without external access. They’re adopted to be associated with the business and are highly advertised to be on the clients’ minds always. 

On the other hand, in call masking, the numbers are temporary and discrete for every single interaction. In this system, safeguarding information is a priority, and businesses are more concerned with safekeeping sensitive communication than promotion.

Now that we know what the service entails, the next question that arises is…

Why Number Masking? 

Needless to say, protecting customer data is crucial for maintaining strong client relationships. Showcasing your trustworthiness and dedication towards consumers goes a long way.

Warren Buffet once said,

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

His insightful quote has stood the test of time as organisations are becoming increasingly aware of customer experience and its importance. In fact, a research by Deloitte shows that a consumer will tell 9 people about a positive experience, but mention a negative one to 16 peers. This means a single unsavoury event can lead to a loss of 16 potential leads. 

Negative reviews online or bad word-of-mouth can tarnish your brand image as a whole. And who wants to be associated with a poorly reputed organisation?

Building your consumers’ trust will encourage brand loyalty. People are likely to repurchase items from reliable companies that value quality of communication, transactions, and most of all, security. They are also likely to spread positive messages about your products and services.

The root of professionalism lies in proper handling of sensitive customer information. Therefore, companies must adopt number masking to protect their own staff as well as the users.

While we realise how important it is to employ safety measures such as number masking for businesses, it’s just as important to understand how to best make use of these features. 

Here’s How it Works: 

Mr. A calls X Pvt. Ltd. to confirm the status of their order delivery. Their number is mapped with a temporary virtual number by the service provider’s (like Servetel’s) server. The call is then connected to the firm via its own virtual contact. Both parties see made-up digits that are different from the actual details. 

Thus, customers don’t have to worry about unwelcome calls from an agent at random times of the day. 

This also works the other way around. Your business is able to focus its energy on high-quality leads and customers when unburdened by spam calls. 

While security is an obvious benefit of the service, there are several consequential pros to the same:

  • Your trustworthiness increases, thereby raising brand loyalty. This implies repeat sales and positive reviews. A good experience also leads to peer recommendations by consistent buyers.
  • People trust companies that do not seek out their personal information. With number masking, you can improve your brand image and attract new customers since.
  • Showcase your professionalism with highly secure conversations. 
  • When a call is disconnected, the consumer can redial on the same number to connect to the agent again, which increases your accessibility. 

Let’s explore the applications of call masking that are currently prevalent in industries.

(1) To Communicate with Drivers Assigned by Car and Bike Aggregators

In the past few years, several apps providing car and bike cab services have been introduced. These apps, ever so important in the dynamic 21st century, don’t compromise on the safety of both the parties.

Think about it, when you book an Uber, you often call the driver to confirm your meeting point or ask about their estimated time of arrival. On the other hand, the driver sometimes calls you to inquire about the address or cancel the ride. Number masking, deployed by the company, avoids any breach of security by the driver or rider. The temporary number is used during the transaction but neither party can reconnect using it.

(2) To Coordinate with Delivery Agents

We have all spent minutes stalking the little bike icon on food applications. And as soon as the delivery guy turns the wrong corner, we feel the need to give them a call. Number masking lets you call the delivery person at once—without any worries or hesitation concerning the security of your number.

(3) To Sell and Purchase on a Marketplace

People are sceptical about discussing monetary issues over the phone. Sellers and buyers securely communicate about deals and rest assured of the safety of their information.

(4) To Ease an E-commerce Transaction

In all lines of e-commerce, a lot of sensitive customer data is required to be shared on an online or calling medium. With masking, the industry flourishes as people can uninhibitedly go about their transactions. 

The various use cases of number masking are also supported by several features that add to the appeal of the system. 

  • Firstly, you can record conversations between employees and customers. While you might not give or take contact information, you can still document the necessary details shared in between. 
  • Secondly, you can receive insightful statistics about call duration, volume and logs. This data can later be analysed and worked upon. 
  • Lastly, you can apply for different numbers for the same agent or the same virtual number for several agents. This allows for consistency in the contact numbers and secures your data further.

At the End of it All…

In the age of technology, maintaining privacy is not an easy task. Hence, it has become important to take active steps towards the same. As a company, your consumers’ security is just as important as your own. 

Phone number masking allows you to protect contact numbers of both parties with a temporary veil. This is the path to build a trusting relationship with clients and create the brand loyalty that your business aspires for. 

Masks are on everywhere around you already. Take the leap now and join the league of secure market players.

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