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Toll Free Number

Get a professional toll free number and give your
customers the privilege of calling your business for free

+91 8575288888

Toll Free Number

Let your customers establish a connection with your business free of cost with a toll-free number service by Fortius Telecom. With our service, your customers will never be charged for the calls they make to your number. Rather, the owner of the number will be charged for the calls. No matter where the customer is based in the country, they will be able to call your toll free number at no cost.  

Every toll-free number provided by Fortius Telecom is easy to remember. Having such remembers makes it easier for the customers to recall your brand. A toll-free number is highly effective in delivering results while being easy on the pocket as well.

The toll-free service by Fortius Telecom comes with tons of unique features that will help your business in long term growth. With features like call forwarding, you will never miss out on an important call that will be converted into a future customer. Cutting it short, our toll-free service will surely help you in bridging the communication gap between you and your customers.

Connect with Customers at Zero Cost

Being an affordable solution, a toll-free service is highly beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Whether you have a large enterprise or a local level business, you will attain great results from this service. When you use the service effectively, you are sure to get a high return on investment. 

Sometimes businesses need to shift their physical location for growth. If there is a regular calling number, then such businesses have to change their contact information and get a new one. Not only it is a complicated process, but your old customers may never get such updates. When it comes to toll-free service, then no matter where you move in the country, you will have the same number as it can be migrated to a new location easily.

— Features —

Features that You’ll Love

Monitor Calls

Understand the in-depth details of every active, disconnected and on-hold call in real-time with our toll-free service.

IVR Integration

Gather information and direct the call of your customers with IVR integration and save their as well as your representative’s time.


With a broad range of available numbers, pick the one that suits your business the most.

Manage Calls

Access call routing, forwarding, and recording at one place with our call managing solutions.

SMS Notifications

You will be updated with SMS notifications in real-time whenever a customer call is missed.

Performance Report

Keep an eye on your representative’s performance with their report and track their overall productivity.

Our Happy Clients

Happy Customer Quotes

Our Top Reviews Clients

Happy Customer Quota” Very first business principle is ‘never miss an opportunity’. Fortius is an absolutely perfect solution to follow that principle – at least for the opportunity that comes over phone calls. Its Toll-Free number and IVR service has delivered some amazing results for me. “es

Jutin Gupta – Proprietor
Feather Sleep International

How Toll Free Number is Beneficial for Business?

Brand Remembrance

Toll-free numbers are easy to remember. When they are associated with your business, then customers can recall your brand with ease.

National Connection

Customers from all over the nation can connect with your business through a toll-free number without having to pay which makes your business have a national connection.

One Number, Multiple Locations

When you have a toll free number, all your business branches can receive a call on one single number. Furthermore, you can relocate your business without changing contact numbers.


No matter where you are, you can manage your service from anywhere with its cloud-based capability.


Spend Less and Deliver More

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

A toll-free number increases customer satisfaction by providing an easy-to-connect communication platform to the customers as well as business.

Establish National Presence

With free calling facility, customers from all across the nation can easily get their queries acknowledged and resolved in few minutes.

Better Business Portability

Relocate your business to another location easily without changing your business phone number for every location.

Easy Brand Recall

Using easy-to-remember toll-free number helps your business generate quick brand recall among customers.

Unique Marketing Tool

Attract more potential leads and customer by marketing your unique vanity toll-free number on billboards or print ads.

Quick Scalability

Scale and operate all your toll-free services from any location by opting for a cloud-based toll-free number.

Why Choose Fortius ?

The cloud communication solutions from Fortius ensure a stable and efficient communication
between your customers and your business.

Best-in-Market Pricing

Get high-quality cloud telephony suite with minimal effort and cost investment

Enhanced Customer Support

Get enhanced live assistance from our product experts over email, chat and call.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Fortius offers 99.99% SLA-backed uptime with N+1 redundant infrastructure

API Integrations

Innovate your business solutions with CRM and other third-party application integration.

End-to-End Customer Service

From research to post-purchase assistance, we ensure hassle-free customer service at every step.

Cloud Telephony Suite

Get access to fully functional cloud telephony suite along with free SMS & call credits.

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We thought you'd never ask.

As the name suggests, the caller doesn’t pay a paisa for a call to a toll-free number. These virtual numbers are paid for by the called party.

Sure, they’re free, but they’re also versatile, easy-to-use, and let you connect with businesses all over India. Plus, you see results that help your business. More people call you, you are considered more credible, and customers certainly come back to you for more services. (Plus, detailed call reports.)

In some ways, they are two sides of the same coin. But there are differences: A toll-free number starts with specific codes, which isn’t the case for virtual numbers. Calls to a toll-free number costs nothing, while calls to virtual numbers may have you incur some charges.

We provide all the features you will ever need for your company, without compromising on quality. For a comprehensive list, see the Features section above.
Start by calling our sales team @1800-103-6989 (it’s a toll-free number!), who will help you figure out a plan. After document verification and eKYC, pick a number of your choice from our huge repository. Then, feel free to pay for the chosen plan online.

Not at all. Keeping a buffer period for eKYC and document verification in mind, it should take four hours tops.

Nothing. You will have to pay for customised solutions based on your business needs, but we have your back when it comes to the basics.

A dashboard should be wise and that’s what you get with Fortius. You can easily monitor live agents and check the campaign status and ongoing activities across various departments.

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