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Customer experience is not the same as customer service. Customer experience or CX, as marketers like to call it, focuses on the bigger picture.

Customer service covers user interactions via specific points of contact (when your product needs maintenance, or there’s a missed order), CX on the other hand is about their entire perception of your brand—from the first time a friend told them about it, to transforming into a long-time customer.

Cloud tech majorly boosts your CX standards. Out of many possible bundles, a hot favourite is IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution.

IVR: A Quick Primer

Integrated voice response is an automated telephony service used to process a high volume of calls. Industries like hospitality, transport, medicine and e-commerce receive thousands of daily incoming calls. With limited time and manpower, they rely on IVR as a holistic solution to begin conversations, solve queries and convert leads into paying customers.

IVR system has a self-service option, where callers can address queries using their phone keypad and DTMF tones. In 2013, 45 per cent of executives with self-service features reported reduced phone inquiries and email traffic. 47 percent declared increased sales directly because of this, and 54 percent reported increased Web traffic.

In cases where escalation is required—or a customer is agitated—an IVR system routes calls to the concerned department to get the ball rolling. Listening, understanding, fostering awareness, and implementing feedback is the goal.

This infographic explains how IVR solution can help you improve your customer experience.

Let’s understand in detail.

CX and IVR: The Powerful Duo

Whether you’re a bright-eyed new startup or a decades-old corporation, there’s always room for improvement. Here’s 5 simple ways IVR solution enhances the customer experience:

1) Define brand identity with personalised greetings once a call request is accepted. Professional voiceover artists and personalised, pre-recorded messages add a crisp touch. In case the waiting time extends, the variation ensures the time to resolution (TTR) feels acceptable.

2) Customise calls with a sticky agent feature in your IVR solution. It connects customers to the same agent who resolved earlier queries. Save time by avoiding repetition, and exploit the existing level of comfort.

3) Help out agents by using call barging or whispering on active calls. The quick intervention reduces errors. Built-in text-to-speech engines transform written text into audio files to match message scripts with customer needs.

4) Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) with a real-time call monitoring dashboard that tracks active, on-hold and disconnected .calls. Managers can then fine-tune workflows for better customer relationship management

5) Segment your audience with skill-based call routing. The IVR system intelligently directs calls to the most appropriate agent, and delivers optimum use of their time and strengths. Customers, in turn, feel satisfied after a chat with informed, credible personnel.

A seamless CX leads to high return on investment and positive market perception.

With Happier Customers, you Get:

  • A captive audience
  • Increased loyalty
  • Better reviews
  • Genuine recommendations

About 10 years ago, intelligence firm Gartner predicted that customers would manage 85 per cent of their relationship with an enterprise without resorting to human interaction. Today, reality isn’t far off. But as part of robust CX, callers still crave a personal touch, and acquiring an IVR number can help enterprises choose between the best of both worlds.

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