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Business Software Plus Seamless Integrations Equal Business Success

In many ways, succeeding in any form of business is nothing but an endeavour of trend-watching and capitalising on the same. An entrepreneur who not only identifies these trends but also imbibes them in their business tops the market share and revenue game. Alignment with external trends isn’t the only thing that is vital for

Why Your Business Needs CRM?

Today, customers have become much more aware and demanding of their choices than ever before. With access to reviews on a click, customers can no longer be fooled into purchasing products if the product quality is poor. Apart from focusing on product quality, now customers are keenly evaluating the service quality as well before associating

Number Masking: What, Where and How

Privacy can no longer be taken for granted. From a call to a pizza delivery company to tip-off helplines, citizens are growing more wary about their personal information with every passing day, regardless of the intent of those on the receiving end. They want security, and they want it now. Businesses, too, must understand a

Mask On: Why You Need Number Masking for Your Business

We all wear masks to venture anywhere outside these days. Why? To protect ourselves, of course. So, why not extend the same courtesy to our business data? Just as N95 masks offer the best protection against the spread of coronavirus, number masking technology in cloud communication is the superhero for sensitive business data.  So What is Number

Unlock Sales Opportunities for Your Business With Missed Call Service

The business landscape is growing more competitive with every passing day, making survival and growth a challenge. Unless you think beyond the ordinary, you cannot expect the customers to choose you over the other businesses offering similar products and services. Essentially, your sales greatly depend on the way you approach the potential customers because the

Empower Your Lead Generation Strategy with Missed Call Solution

Getting leads is the only way to make your business survive and thrive in the competitive landscape. But it can be a huge struggle, considering that there can be a large number of rivals offering similar products or services at comparable prices. With ample choices, customers have the power to switch between sellers. 61% of marketers report

Why IVR Payments have Become a Trendy Solution During the Coronavirus Crisis

The unpredictability of 2020 is indisputable. The COVID-19 pandemic has sent the world into a surreal reality of sorts. With everyone confined to their homes and the bounds of the internet, industries are slowly transforming their businesses to accommodate the change. The lockdown has rendered many traditional setups redundant, so businesses are getting creative to

How IVR Solutions can Simplify Customer Support and Ticketing Systems

When you run a business, customer satisfaction is something you can never afford to overlook. After all, that’s what gives your company competitive advantage and empowers it with high retention rates. However, as your business grows in size, so does the number of customers calling you for support queries. According to Zendesk, internal support teams get

5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience Using IVR Solution [Infographic]

Customer experience is not the same as customer service. Customer experience or CX, as marketers like to call it, focuses on the bigger picture. Customer service covers user interactions via specific points of contact (when your product needs maintenance, or there’s a missed order), CX on the other hand is about their entire perception of

5 Rules For A Perfect Sales Call (Infographic)

After incessant requests, a prospect agrees to hear your sales pitch, and now you definitely can’t afford to lose them. So, how to grab your prospect’s attention throughout the call and increase your chances of success? Follow these five golden rules of a perfect sales call, to increase your odds of winning and directing sales pitch

A dashboard should be wise and that’s what you get with Fortius. You can easily monitor live agents and check the campaign status and ongoing activities across various departments.

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