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Queue callback is a feature that gives callers the option to circumvent long hold times. With queue callback, caller abandonment can be significantly reduced. All that customers have to do is to reserve their place in the call queue and request a call back by the agent as soon as they are available. This feature gets rid of long hold times and boosts customer satisfaction at the same time.

This article lists the various benefits of queue callback and explains how this feature helps reduce call waiting time.

How Does This Feature Work?

Customers are put on the waiting queue when there are no agents available to answer their call. In the meanwhile, they’re presented with a “Queue Callback Message”. The message provides three options from which customers can select the option which suits them best.

Continue waiting in the queue, leave a voice mail or request a callback, are the three options presented to callers.

If the customers request for a callback, the request is reserved in the waiting queue until the agent is available to call back.  Once this is done, customers are free to hang up and await the agent’s call. The customers can continue with their usual business while their call request is added in a virtual queue. As the queue progresses and the request reaches the top, the available agent receives the callback request.

Subsequently, information of the caller is displayed to the agent along with the request. This information includes, dialed number, phone number, caller’s name and callback request time.

The agent will answer the callback request in the same way as an incoming call. The company’s agent will contact customer who left the callback request.

In case, the customer who requested the callback doesn’t respond to the company’s phone call, the agent will receive a message, and it will be considered as an abandoned call. However, if the callback request is rejected by the agent, the customer will still receive a callback.

Specific Queue callback disposition codes can be added to your account for callbacks. This provides a more organised approach. The customers can be present in the agent’s queue metrics without being actively waiting in the queue.

What Are The Advantages Of Queue Callback?

Queue callback is undoubtedly a remarkable feature. More and more enterprises are opting for this facility. Here are some of the major advantages of queue callback that can benefit the business as well as the customers.

1. Reduced Caller Abandonment 

When your callers have the facility of callback, you will be able to build a long term relationship with them. They will not have to hang up out of frustration or discontinue association with your company because of reduced caller abandonment. All they have to do is request a callback and get busy with their life. Hence, queue callback helps you enhance your relations with clients.

2. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Customers do not have to wait in long queues since this new feature will solve their queries in very less time. Once they have requested a callback, they just have to wait for an agent to get back to them via call. Also, this can be a plus point for your company as it will lead to enhanced customer satisfaction. Your business will flourish once your customers realise that they can get quick solutions without wasting time in the queue.

3. More Productivity

Being more productive is the key to being successful. Queue callback features make it quite simple. Every time a customer calls a company, the caller’s information such as phone number and customer ID is displayed on the agent’s screen. The agents can make use of the information and reach out to the customer who made the call.

Agent will automatically get connected to the caller with one click. In the conventional approach, agents have to dig deep to get the caller’s information, and it becomes very time-consuming. However, this feature will save time and effort concomitantly. This features boosts the productivity of business and helps generate more profits.

4. Cut Down On Costs

Keeping operational expenses low is essential for a business to survive and flourish. When customers call a company and wait in lengthy queues, expenses for the waiting time is paid by the business. By providing customers with a callback facility, you can eliminate such extravagant expenses. When call queues are long, this new feature can save your business a great deal of money. The money that you save can be utilised for important purposes such as the expansion of your enterprise and much more. Thus, cutting down on costs can give a significant boost to your business and help it thrive.

5. Capture Every Lead

With queue callback, it becomes effortless for agents to deal with every lead in the most efficient way possible. Once a callback request is received, their important information will be stored in the customer profile. As soon as an agent becomes available, they can get in touch with the lead using the stored information. The chances of losing leads will notably decline. Agents will not have issues like losing customers contact information since everything is appropriately stored.


Businesses can reap great benefits from the queue callback feature. Queue callback is a flexible tool that can help enterprises handle inordinately high call volumes and ensure that their customers are completely satisfied with their services. Furthermore, queue callback provides an enhanced customer experience and gives your company a clear edge over others.

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