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During the last couple of months, the food and beverage (F&B) industry has undergone a lot of changes. Shops had to call it quits overnight—and gradually, businesses had to get back on their feet to recover losses. Even in the face of endless challenges, restaurateurs have shown resilience and bounced back stronger. 

However, the F&B industry has undergone massive changes during this period. There’s been a shift from traditional to more innovative set-ups, wherein the industry has started leveraging the power of cloud telephony. 

Like every other industry in today’s digital age, F&B also aims to leverage cloud communication for exponential growth. And in a pandemic-stricken socially distant society, virtual solutions became even more of a natural choice. 

So, it was only a matter of time before restaurants in India switched to a more formal, easily manageable and clearer means of communication—the business phone system. 

If you’re wondering what value a business phone brings to the table, here are seven ways businesses will advantage by shifting to the cloud: 

1) Leveraging contemporary technology 

Your customers’ first interaction with your business is usually via a reservation call. And if that interaction doesn’t go as smoothly as possible, you risk losing a valuable client. Nobody likes to be greeted in an unpleasant manner, after all. But sometimes your agents may be up to their neck in work and may chaotically hurry through the calls. 

In situations like these, a business phone system comes super-handy. Not only will your customers be greeted with a friendly—yet professional—message, but they will also be redirected to the right person without waiting for long. 

2) Personalised experience 

Imagine you have a regular customer with a specific order every time. But instead of them repeating the same order, one day you already know it. This may not be humanly possible in a busy restaurant with multitudes of daily clients. 

But leveraging the use of cloud telephony solutions makes this very much possible. Even before picking up the call, you can refer to the contact number to look up their order history, any specifications they’ve asked for, or any special requests they’ve made. 

This not only counts as going the extra mile but also saves time and effort for you and your customer alike. 

3) Data storage and analysis 

When it comes to customer behaviour analysis, restaurants often look for various methods such as surveys, questionnaires, etc., not knowing that the most reliable method is right at their fingertips. 

A cloud phone system will store all your data—calls that you’ve received, the ones that your employees have attended or missed, and the conversations that happened—in one place. 

Losing data or limited storage capacity are also problems that can be avoided. Not only can you store data, automated responses and voicemails securely on a cloud server, but you can also access them anywhere, anytime. This makes it easier and quicker to analyse and predict customer behaviour along with employees’ performance assessment.

Additionally, your data can be easily retrieved by authorised personnel—in a secure manner. 

4) Saving additional costs 

Unlike a traditional set-up, a contemporary Internet-based service is much more economical for businesses. A cloud-hosted business phone system is more cost-effective while offering extra features and advantages. 

Along with easy storage and secure data management, a business phone system also cuts down costs considerably. This is due to its low installation costs, minimal maintenance, more practical and managed solutions, as well as a good backup system. 

5) Reducing spam calls and easy call rerouting 

Spam calls often come in the garb of personalised phone lines. And tending to these calls can take up any individuals’ valuable time and prevent them from completing critical tasks.

 Attending spam calls will also keep your customers waiting in a queue unnecessarily, while redundant communication eats up your the time and wastes your efforts. With a business phone system in place, you have the option to identify and block spam callers. 

This system also makes it easier to reroute calls. Sometimes, you may not have a reception or a designated employee to man the phone desk. In order to eliminate unnecessary delays in reaching the concerned person, a cloud-hosted phone system helps make rerouting simpler with its smart call routing feature—and definitely quicker.

6) Customer is supreme 

Sometimes, due to high call volume or a rather busy day in-house, you may miss out on a call or two. However, every missed call is a potential customer lost.

A business phone system can solve this problem in two ways. Either you can deploy multiple phone lines, or use a cloud voicemail or callback feature to get back to the missed callers. 

This also allows you to reach customers faster and do away with the inconvenience of non-availability of a number. Therefore, you can be accessible to customers all the time, wherever you are. 

7) Efficient and effective workforce 

Even an average person would agree that the food and beverage industry is a very busy one, with employees working round the clock. And in a fast-paced work environment like this, an efficient communication system is imperative. 

A business phone system makes it easier for the staff to go on with their day-to-day responsibilities while tending to multiple calls. It also serves as a long-term investment since you can use it to cater to both needs—the restaurant as well as the delivery system. 


With each passing day, the world is reaping greater benefits of technology. This goes for the restaurant industry as well. A business phone system is only one aspect of the innumerable advantages of a cloud-based system. 

Not only does it make managing high call volumes a breeze, but it is also a great help for managing your limited resources and ensuring that they are put to the best use. Helping both customers and businesses, a business phone system is a one-time investment that will help you go a long way. 

Covering everything—from personalisation and managing spam to safe data storage and workforce management—a business phone system is a silent hero. 

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